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Group thread ~ The Black Orchid ~ Complete

Draco and Greg's Belated Birthday Luau
Friday, June 29 ~ Early Evening

Greg walked around the edges of the room to ensure every detail was set to perfection. Around the room were tropical huts, woven grass chairs, tiki torches, tropical plants and flowers. The centerpiece of the room was a replica of a smoking volcano with a waterfall spilling down either side and ending at a pool. There were stones strategically placed to allow someone to walk onto the volcano to the dais where the throne would be. A couple of brightly colored birds called from their hiding places in the trees.

All around the room, handsome tanned young men wore grass skirts or colorful tropical cloth wraps around their waists. Some were specialized to serve drinks or ensure the buffet tables remained full. The eight handsomest were set aside as Draco’s personal servants. Two were guarding the volcano to ensure Draco’s place remained clear. The other six were keeping an eye out for the guest of honor. They would carry him in on a throne to the accompaniment of conch shell horns and drums.

“Please greet the people who enter with a lei. Flowers for women, shells and green grass for the men. If they don’t want one, no need to press it. If they wish to leave their gift at the door, just bring loads of them to Draco and lay them at his feet. If they want to give it to him themselves, feel free.” Greg instructed two people standing at the entrance. Greg saw the first of the guests begin to come in. He lowered his voice and gave people around the room a smile, “Good luck. If you need me I’ll be in the kitchen.”

With that Greg slipped away back to where the cooks were working hard at preparing the perfect dishes.

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